Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Wow! after being out of the loop I feel like I owe an apology to the blog community specially you...

This past 2 months is being a great eye opening for me. Just few weeks ago I got invited to participate as a co author among 15 writers in a Spanish motivational book to be release in June 26, some of them are very well known like Eduardo Cholula & David gonzalez among others.
Few Tickets are on sale NOW by calling 310-701-2957 or email: cuttingef@hotmail.com

And If you know any Spanish speaking friends or you my friend who speak Spanish and would like to support my new venture please support me and buy a ticket before they're gone... it's only $20 and you'll get the book fre e!

Then last week my youngest daughter Malina went in to the emergency due to several days with high fever of and on till last Thursday Doctors desired to keep here in the hospital for testing and monitoring her vitals, soon after they diagnosed er with a rare decease called "kawasaki" thanks to God and the prayers of many close friends from church and family she was release yesterday (5days)of tighten the gut and praying but the "G" man did another of his numbers :)

The body is amazing and I know that our minds are what dictate how is going to be our life, if we take care of our bodies even during illness or health challenges or just try to get by and only fix it when is broken and no preventing maintenance to live happily ever after.... don't you agree...?

By the way you can still take advantage of my Mother's day special and get to your mom or to your self a $100 off to my Culver City Boot Camp and start taking care of your body now or if you don't need it just encourage a friend who will thank you for saving they're life.

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