Thursday, April 1, 2010


Easter commemorates Jesus Christ's resurrection and is often associated with popular symbols such as eggs, candy, bunnies and parades.

Greeks will be ready to break fasts with their favorite, traditional dishes.

Restaurant Catches Heat for Serving Easter Rabbit Feast

Easter is just a few days away and there's a big debate over rabbits.

A local restaurant is hosting a rabbit Easter dinner and the idea is not sitting well with some animal lovers.

Some of the comments posted on Caffe Boa's Facebook page:

"Your Easter menu is disgusting! I am a bunny mom and along with fighting day and night to raise awareness of the beauty & grace of rabbits I will work just has hard to spread the word to stay away from establishments that serve domestic animals as food!"

"You're not serious... rabbits for Easter dinner? I am absolutely appalled! How sacrilegious! I will also be warning everyone to stay away from places that serve PETS as CUISINE! Horrifying!"

We made some phone calls before doing this story and found that there are quite a few restaurants in the Phoenix-metro area that serve rabbit. It's a lot more common than you might believe.

We also spoke to Caffe Boa about their Sunday rabbit special. They say the rabbits served at the restaurant are not domesticated bunnies - they're all-natural, free-range rabbits raised in safe conditions.

"I understand that there are some people who may not be enjoying rabbit on Easter or any other day of the year for that matter, but the fact is that's their choice and their prerogative." said Caffe Boa owner Jay Wisniewski. "These are different breeds, they are northern California whites and New Zealand whites, 100-percent different breed than what people are raising for pets. I don't have a rabbit as a pet.. our general manager had a pig as a pet, but she still eats pork chops."

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