Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Most people lost the Valentine's spirit due to the fact that media is flooded with adds to spend and get a image that this day is far from.

What can you do to spend quality time vs $$$$ and just a fake date?

Valentine's Day opens the door for romance and gives you a chance to show your love in a special way. What you do on this special day is not as important as making sure you take time to be with the one you love. So make plans to go that extra mile and find a way to celebrate your love that will last a lifetime.

Plan a Romantic Evening at Home - Plan to spend the evening together at home watching movies, eating pizza and simply doing the things you love together. This could turn out to be the most romantic way to celebrate your love.

Write a Poem - Write your loved one a poem and put it in a handmade card expressing how much love you have for them. This is romantic and means so much because the words come straight from the heart.

Exercises Together

This can actually be a great way to spend time doing something physical that can lead to a great healthy dinner and a way to extend the date to a great and meaningful meal!


With all protein sources (especially animal protein), you must be
very careful. Why?

Because some foods contain more fat than protein, adding too many
calories to a tiny portion of protein.

So here are my favorite veggie protein sources.

Food Type: Protein / Carbohydrates / Fats

* Tofu 4 oz.: 8 gr / 4 gr / 4 gr

* Black Beans ½ cup: 7.5 gr / 20gr / 5 gr

* Peanut Butter 1 Tbl.: 4 gr / 3.5 gr / 8 gr

* Almond Butter 1 Tbl.: 2 gr / 3 gr / 9 gr

* Cashew Nuts ¼ cup: 5 gr / 9 gr / 12 gr

* Seitan 3 ounces: 20 gr / 8 gr / 2 gr

* Tempeh 4 ounces: 16 gr / 14 gr / 6 gr

* Sunflower seeds raw ¼ cup: 6 gr / 6 gr / 14 gr.

* Soybeans ½ cup: 16 gr / 14 gr / 8 gr

And if you still want to get all the nutrients in place but have no time to buy them prepare them and eat them all.
Is 100% organic, natural and you get 3 days FREE

All the Best and have a blast on that special day!
I know I will..... :)

Alfredo Zapata

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