Friday, October 30, 2009


Can you skip the "sugar" out of a holiday? or would buy in to it and suffer the consequence...?

During Halloween, there are lots of fun treats!! High fat high empty calories and unnecessary sugars!!

Halloween marks the beginning of a two-month season packed with parties and desserts. Now that's the scary part!

Check out how much can you gain for what you die for...

Do you prefer a Drink??


Prepare more whole grains, a good protein source and fresh vegetables for you and your family. Fill up on healthy foods before hitting the streets to trick-or-treat, that will help you no to eat too much sugar.

Introduce a little physical activity to balance out the sugar consumption and get the kids or adults involve. Take the long way, take a few laps around the block or race from house to house, bring water bottle and drink it!.

Let your self or your children choose 3 candies to consume when they get home, then donate or trash the rest so you will get temptation away from you.