Tuesday, October 27, 2009


In life we grow up with several complex and limitations that keep us away from achieving goals that may seen crazy or out of the "normal" standards like loosing weight,start exercising and stick to it,becoming a doctor,lawyer,graduating,getting married etc... witch one is your hang up?

I love children because they have a innocent mind and they don't know about limitations or impossibles they just go for it and learn during the trial.
Being a father of two amazing kid's Leonardo 8 and Malina 5 give's me a new vision about life and what God can do with me if I have a child like heart & mind.

Here's an example of a little guy who's giving us a new way to see life.

Eating healthy can be deceiving and complicated specially with so much media pushing to buy "organic" or "wholefood" but how much are you willing to spend on it and how much would it make a difference in your health?

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I just discovered and for personal and professional use a source of real natural nutrients that detour the shelf's of the groceries and tremendous processing levels before I get to chew them to help my body stay healthy. I'ts call "LIVE" cause stay's fresh untill I'm ready to take it without losing they're properties.
To me is worth to try it specially when is F R E E.