Tuesday, September 8, 2009


What do you think about " BACK TO SCHOOL" ?
I remember that when I was going back to school my mind was raising and my willingness to be on time and with my new uniform or back pack or anything new was so EXITING! But, no all the time....
Some times was the empty stomach feeling and the uncertainty of what good is this new year bringing or the new teacher will be like, that will get me so nervous that will end up on NO want to show up on the 1st day or become negative like adults do when they face "CHANGE"

Are you ready for a change?

Children often say returning to school is a pain.

They may mean it figuratively, but doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital said they see more cases of headaches -- with greater severity -- in the fall.

More than 20 million children suffer from migraines or tension headaches, according to a study from the hospital.

"For various reasons, we definitely see an uptick in our headache problems right now," said Ann Pakalnis, who runs the headache clinic at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

I some instance children don't have a good nutrition as well adults and that along can develop the pain to change and to go back to "SCHOOL" or ant new task, the body have no enough or the right kind of fuel to function well.

I have some way that can supply your needs in a healthy way, it may no be what you think but it can really show you another way to bit the bad rap of change for good.
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