Saturday, October 17, 2009


Candy or carrot stick?

The Holidays are here and media started sending subliminal messages to the consumer in how to spend the holidays.... guess how?
Shopping and eating what they don't need right? But what they W A N T isn't it what it will make you happier or healthier or slimmer!

Some California schools celebrated Halloween this year with grapes, apple slices, carrots, cheese and popcorn, reports the San Jose Mercury News. State law now regulates how often schools can serve snacks with more than 35 percent of calories from fats.

After-school parties are exempt, so parents sold cotton candy, nachos and snow cones at Some Elementary Schools have annual Fall Festival fund-raiser. It’s hard to raise much money selling celery and carrots but what about installing healthy habits regarding holidays or celebrations? Are people care more about what everybody will say?

I love Halloween, but it can be hard to stick to a healthy diet when there are chocolate bars, caramel apples, and candy corn everywhere. Here are a few tips I'll be following to not go overboard during the festivities.

Buy candy at the last minute. There's no temptation to dig into the candy if there isn't any in the house.

Stores are open on Halloween, so buy what you need that day.

Don't buy too much. When I was little my dad bought enough candy for the kids in my neighborhood and the next county — the extra lasted for months.

Try to judge how much candy you'll need for trick-or-treaters so you won't have any leftovers.

Buy candy you don't like. If you buy candy that you can't stand there won't be any temptation to eat it.

Donate the leftovers. Donate extra candy to a charity. If you have children, decide ahead of time how much of their own stash they can keep and how much they'll donate.

If you can't find a charitable organization that will accept the candy, bring it into work for your co-workers.

Give out healthy treats. Skip candy altogether. Instead give out fun, healthy treats like pretzels, glow-stick bracelets, and stickers.

No candy equals no temptation.
Host a party.

Host your own event or organize a block party with your neighbors. That way you can be accountable for what kind of treats you'll serve.

There's lots of Hallowen-themed treats you can serve that are healthy but still seem indulgent.

In the mean time have fun and think about what you can do to to make better & healthy choices to have a wonderful life.

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