Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Over the past 19 years I have helped thousands of my clients transform
their bodies.
In my opinion your mind is the most important element when it comes
to getting in shape or losing weight or reach a goal.

What do you believe?

If you tell yourself you will always "struggle" with weight loss, you will. You're right.

If you believe you are "too busy" to exercise and things aren't going to change.
You won't make the time - you WILL be too busy.

If you believe you are "too tired" to get up and exercise or to go to eat you will be too tired.


"Change The Way You Think"

Think about your own life. A UCLA (Boo I am a Penn State and USC fan) study showed that kids heard the word "no" over FOUR HUNDRED times each day.
Think that influences their thoughts? Of course.
For instance, when things go wrong, instead of criticizing yourself, work on focusing on the positive, your strengths, and talents.

Try reframing your thoughts:
Instead of: "I can't be successful at weight loss, I have tried so many times in the past-I just wish I looked like my friends."
Try: "I am in complete control of my body and fueling it with the most nutritious foods that will allow me to feel even better and lose fat."
Imagine thinking THAT each morning vs. the first statement!
We simply need a mindset shift.
Our minds play funny games and it's often because of the continual negative messages we hear and the blame we put on others. But in reality, no one can "fix" you, but you.
But just like you are in control of the foods you put into your body, to fuel your muscles, cells, etc, think of the messages you read and hear as fuel for your brain.
Your brain needs the right fuel too.
Feed it junk, and you'll have junky thoughts.

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