Thursday, August 2, 2007

Eat Cookies Lose Weight

I want to say that coming from a Fitness arena the word "DIET" is being trashed and getting people scared about what is the mostessential way for the body to exist and that's EATING! And the way wego about it is going on a diet ONLY when we're out of handle with ourweight, doctors orders, the way we look and lastly the way we feel.

I found out that many people don't want to talk about it but, yetthey want to do a quick fix not realizing that if we have a good timemaking small changes and become more proactive introducing greatalternatives to nurturing our body and start feeling great that's itFEELING GREAT!So what I did was to introduce to my family, clients and closefriends "The World's GREATEST Diet cookie"!

And what happened is theyloved it! some said no good but, for the most part they realized thatall the BAD rap about getting in to a regimen of healthy eatinghabits no need to be rabbit food but great choices of healthy foodand have "The World's GREATEST Diet Cookie" on a daily bases makes abigdifference in they're diet so FEELING GREAT will come out from theinside out.Let's keep up the goo dwork and spread the NEWS and share yourvictories and tips with "The World's GREATEST Diet Cookie"

Alfredo Zapata